How To Install Gutter Guards On Metal Roof?

Is the blocked gutter increasing your frustration? Though a common plumbing nuisance, blocked gutters can lead to severe consequences if not treated immediately. One of the best ways to maintain a clean gutter is to install gutter guards. These are protective structures that prevent the infestation of vermin and pests. Moreover, they also help in enhancing the efficiency of the gutter system. However, proper installation is necessary. Are you eager to know how to install gutter guards on metal roof?

A Step-By-Step Guide to Installing Gutter Guards On a Metal Roof

There are several steps that you can follow for the proper installation of the gutter guards. You must have explicit knowledge of how to install gutter guards on metal roof if you want to do it yourself. Before you start the process, make sure that you have the necessary tools and materials.

Step 1: Clean the gutters

Before you start the installation of the gutter guards, you must clean the area. It is crucial that you remove all the debris and dust particles. Moreover, cleaning it on a regular basis can decrease the potential risk of a clogged gutter.

To make sure that you clean the gutters properly, you can use the hose. However, be careful while you use it, as the water may make the gutters more slippery.

Step 2: Measure the mesh

The next step involves taking measurements of the mesh. It is crucial that you take the right measures so that you do not miss any part. For this, roll the mesh from the one end of the gutter and then move towards the section you are currently working on.

Keep in mind that you must leave a small overlap. It will help you to secure the mesh firmly onto the roof. It is a vital step in – how to install gutter guards on metal roof.  

Step 3: Adjust the mesh trim

Before you secure the mesh guards, you must attach them properly. For this, you can use the already drilled pilot holes which are found with all the trims. Make sure that you place the mesh evenly and then fix the trims with the aid of the self-drilling screws.

You must repeat the process till you cover the entire gutter. Whenever you are trimming a particular section, you can cut it in a way that ensures it’s bending with the roof.

Step 4: Cut off the mesh

After the trimming is done, you must make two specific cuts. You can make 40 mm cuts on the mesh located underneath the saddle. It will ultimately aid in ensuring that the shape of the mesh aligns with the roof structure. Moreover, this will lead to enhanced protection.

Step 5: Fix the saddles

In this step, you must screw the saddle in the roof with the use of screws. Keep in mind that you have to apply some pressure on the saddle to prevent it from slipping.

This is one of the most vital steps in how to install gutter guards on metal roof. You must take adequate time to position the saddles.

Step 6: Install ridge caps and roof valley

The last step involves the installation of the ridge caps and roof valley. However, proper cleaning of the roof valley is essential as debris may accumulate there. After installation, you can cut and place the mesh over them.

These are the steps that you can follow in how to install gutter guards on metal roof.

Want to Install Gutter Guards? Get Professional Help Now!

Gutter guards offer an added layer of protection to the blocked gutters. With the installation of the gutter guards, you can now maintain clean gutters. Fortunately, there are some DIY steps that you can follow in how to install gutter guards on metal roof. But, if you are not too confident, it is better to get in touch with our roof and gutter plumbers.

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