How To Fix Clogged Shower Drain?

How To Fix Clogged Shower Drain

Standing in a pool of murky and soapy shower water after a long day of hard work is a nightmare. The water that you see accumulating is the result of the shower drain being unable to perform its function. It is called “standing water” and can lead to flooding if you don’t take immediate action. There are various causes that can lead to a blocked shower drain. Delaying the treatment can lead to major issues with the sewer line. That is why you must take appropriate steps to unclog the shower drain. We have explained below: How to fix clogged shower drain?

How To Fix Clogged Shower Drain

Major Tips On How to Fix Clogged Shower Drain

There are various ways that you can unclog the shower drain. These are easy to adopt and offer excellent results. Check out the tips listed here and apply them to get rid of the blockage.

Use your hand

If you can see clogs at the surface, then you can try pulling it out with your hand. But, for this, you need to wear rubber gloves. Keep in mind that using bare hands is not a good idea. Now, you can take out as much of the clog as you can. Moreover, you can also use small hooks made of plastic to remove the debris and grime with ease. However, this method is invalid if there is an accumulation of minerals.

Pour boiling water

One of the simplest ways in How to fix clogged shower drain is to use boiling water. For that, you need to store large volumes of water and heat it. To be more precise, you can opt for a funnel. It will ensure that the water doesn’t spill anywhere else. Moreover, if you have any expensive bathroom accessories, you need to be more careful. Keep in mind that if the clog is too stubborn, then this method might not work.

Use a hook

Though an old method, using a hook can really help you to get rid of the clog in no time. You will need a wire piece for this method. Now, bend the wire and make sure that one end is in the shape of a hook. Now, lower it onto the drain and try to take out the clog with it. However, you must remember that clogs due to mineral buildup will not come out with the hook.

Apply baking soda and vinegar

Are you wary of using chemicals for clearing the blockage of the shower drain? In that case, you can easily opt for a homemade solution for how to fix clogged shower drain. For this, you will need vinegar and baking soda. Firstly, take a cup of baking soda and pour it on the drain. Now, wait for some time, and then add a cup of vinegar over the drain. After this, you will hear some sounds as the acid and alkali will react. Let it rest for some time, and then flush hot water down the drain to clear the lingering clog. Moreover, it won’t affect the plastic pipes.

Choose a plunger: Best tip on how to fix clogged shower drain

Another method that you can opt for unclogging the drain shower is by using the plunger. However, if the clog is too deep, the suction might not be enough to take out the blockage. For effective plumbing, you can use petroleum jelly around the suction pad. It will aid in ensuring that you have a good seal. Make sure that you put in all your strength in moving the plunger up and down.

Opt for a drain snake

One of the most popular plumbing tools is the drain snake. It is a reliable tool when it comes to clearing clogs. Take the drain snake and then push the snake part until it hits the blockage. Now, you must turn the handle of the snake and bring the lower part back up.

If none of the above methods works and you still have the clog, you need to call in the plumber right away! These professionals will assess the situation and clear the blockage in no time.

Not Able to Follow How to Fix Clogged Shower Drain Tips? Don’t Worry! Get Expert Aid Now!

There are numerous causes that can lead to blockage in the shower drain. No matter the reason, you must take immediate action to remove the clog. If you delay the repair, the clog will increase and cause obstruction in the sewer line. Fortunately, there are some DIY tips that you can follow. In case that doesn’t fix the issue, you can always take the assistance of professionals.

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