How To Find A Water Leak Underground?

How To Find A Water Leak Underground

Do you see a puddle of water in your backyard and can’t think of any reason? Well, underground leaks can be the culprit. However, there are various signs that can show you how to find a water leak underground. For instance, if you see a sudden hike in the water bill, you might want to detect the cause. Keep in mind that neglecting the leak can lead to a variety of issues. This, in turn, can cause expensive repairs on your end. To make sure that you detect the underground leak and fix it as soon as possible, you must call in the experts.

Want to know how to find a water leak underground?

Plumbing issues are often ignored till they become a severe problem in your daily life. However, taking action immediately can aid you in saving a considerable amount of money. Take a look at the various ways in how do plumbers detect water leaks –

Take a look at the water meter

In how to find a water leak underground, you need to check out the water meter. For this, you need to shut off the main water valve. Now, you need to take a look at the leak indicator. You will be seeing it as a white, red, or blue triangle. Now, if the triangle is still, it means that there is no leak. But, if you observe the triangle spinning, it is an indication that there is an underground water leak.

However, if there is no leak indicator within the meter, then you need to take note of the meter reading. For this, turn off the valve for 30-60 minutes. After one hour, observe the meter and take the reading. If you are not running water and there are still changes in the meter, you can be sure that there is a leak.

Understand the various signs of an underground water leak

Secondly, you need to understand the different signs of how to find a water leak underground. Wondering how do plumbers find a water leak? Here is a list of signs that can you watch out for –

1. Reduced water pressure

Often low water pressure can be due to problems with your municipality. However, if that is not the case, you need to consider other possibilities. For instance, eroded or clogged pipes can also lead to a reduction in water pressure. You can follow this in how to find a plumbing leak.

2. Increase in the water bill

Generally, the water bill remains the same throughout the year. Unless you have an influx of guests or your lifestyle has changed, water bills do not change drastically. However, if you see an increase in the water bills, then you need to consider if there is a plumbing leak.

3. Potholes in the yard

Want to know how to find a water pipe leak underground? Potholes or sinkholes are a common occurrence in the backyard. However, that is not a good sign. If you do not take immediate action, it might lead to dangerous events in the future.

4. Cracked pavement

Did you notice a cracked pavement in your driveway? In that case, that could indicate a cracked pipe. That is why you must consult plumbing professionals as soon as possible.

5. Wet spots

Wet spots can be due to broken or cracked pipes that can gain entry into your home. It can lead to a weakening of the foundation of your home. If you are not careful about this, it can cause a massive danger to your home.

6. Musty odour

Do you feel an unpleasant smell in the air? In that case, that musty odour could be due to a cracked or clogged pipe. That is why you must seek plumbers before the situation gets out of hand. Moreover, if you find dust and debris in the water, then you must contact water leak detection experts. That is usually an indication that there is a pipe issue.

7. Old homes

Homes with a life expectancy above 30 years will show problems with plumbing. It is quite natural that some pipes may face erosion or corrosion due to age. Moreover, weather conditions can also play a significant role. Inspecting the pipes and other plumbing aspects of an old home will give you an indication of a water leak.

8. Checking under basins and cabinets

Do you see mould underneath cabinets? Perhaps, a puddle of water? In that case, you need to make sure that there is no leak. If you do not, then you can expect a huge repair bill later on. For this, the best solution is to call in the experts.

Why is it vital to fix the issue after finding how to find a water leak underground?

After understanding how to find a water leak underground, you need to take action as soon as possible. If it is a leak that you can fix, you can try. Can a plumber detect a water leak? Of course, they can, but you will need to choose the top-rated plumbing company for the best results.

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